Munroe Shocks

We have more than 30 years of experience in supplying and installing shock absorbers and have discovered that shock absorbers are quite possibly the most misunderstood part of any vehicle.

Most people don’t even realise that they are designed to keep your tyres in contact with the road! Your steering, stability, handling, ride comfort and brakes all rely on your shock absorbers functioning at optimum levels.

Shock absorbers are bolted to your car’s wheels and chassis and they minimise the bounce of driving by pushing your car’s tyres onto the road and keeping them there. Shock absorbers make your car ride feel smoother and safer while maintaining comfort at higher speeds.

Most car manufacturers recommend changing your shocks every 80,000 kms – so make sure you bring your vehicle in and we will give it a FREE shock absorber check.

We are specialists in Monroe Shock absorbers as they provide maximum safety and control for most of the vehicles on, and off, our roads.

Monroe are the market leaders for shock absorber and ride control products in Australia and New Zealand and manufacture shocks and struts to suit the vast majority of the vehicles on our roads.

Monroe shock absorbers carry a full 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.

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